Hey I'm Cookie Monster! I am so excited to meet you, and be connecting with people from around the globe! I am 12 years old, and i live in B.C. Canada. I love to dance and listen to music. My favourite singer is Justin Bieber. I have many questions for you! What do you like to do for fun? Do play any sports or activities? What is your house like? Do you have a lot of technology like we do or no? I am looking forward to metting and getting to know you!
1/23/2013 05:00:10 am

Hi Cookie Monster!
I am your remove girlfriend from Romania, Hermione. I'm sorry that I posted anything so far. During the Christmas holiday I was gone with my parents in Germany where I felt very well.There we visited the two cities: Marktredwitz and Bayreuth. After two weeks, I was back in my country and I went in a ski camp with my class in the Paltinis resort near Sibiu. Besides skiing, we had and fun. The evenings were filled with charm, there. We have organised a contest to do snowmen, a Disco and a Carnival, where we dressed in all hinds of funny characters and I was dressed in pirate.
The holiday ended. The school started and I waite for another holiday.
I wish you a new year full of joy!

Cookie Monster
1/24/2013 11:42:00 am

Thank you so much for responding I can't wait to learn more about you! I also recently went on a snowboarding trip. We went to a place called Whistler. t was lots of fun and really hard. (I'm not very good...) Once again thank you and I am so happy that you responded to me what technology can do is truly amazing!!!

2/4/2013 05:31:11 am

Hi Cookie Monster!
I am Hermione. I am happy, because you have answered. I
want to tell you something about me.

I am eleven years old. I am in the fifth grade and it is the first
year with many teachers. It is a difficult year and I have very
much to learn. I like all subjects at school, but my favorite
subjects are Maths and Music; I'm not very good at P.E. .My
hobbies are: playing the piano, Maths, drawing, reading,music and dance. In February I will have two piano contests and in March
I will have a concert
Looking forward two hearing from you,

Cookie Monster
2/23/2013 08:07:55 am

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my website. We just finished a poetry unit and I absolutely loved it! Do you like poetry? I posted one of my projects. If you go to e-portfolio then Language Arts you will see it. Once again thank you and I look forward to hearing from you again.


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