Well we do many weird things and I wish I could say them all but I can't write that much. One time we were REALLY thirsty and didn't want to walk over to the dollar store, so instead we went into Zellers. I looked for a vending machine but I couldn't find one, so we had to buy a 2 litre sprite. When we took it to the cashier she looked at us like we were crazy! All we did was stand there and smile. As soon as we left the store we started to drink the sprite as everyone looked at us and smiled. 

Another time we were hungry and I wanted a candy cane... Since it was December Santa was in town! We waited in line and when it was our turn the "elves" called next and we entered the north pole. The elves stared at us to say "aren't you a little old to see Santa?" I wanted to say, big kids want to see santa too. He asked us what we wanted for Christmas, my friend said 10 Ipod cases. I told him a life time supply of candy canes! Santa then nodded and said the usual "I'll see what I can do..." Those are some of the many strange things that my friend and I do when we go to the mall!

12/4/2012 08:54:25 am

Those are some funny things that you and your friends do at the mall. Something me and my cousin did was duck tape my uncles mouth and his hands while he was taking a nap! I really enjoyed reading your journal and thanks for sharing your experiences, it was very well written.

Cookie Monster
12/4/2012 10:49:30 am

Thank-you for commenting! That sounds hilarious I'm suprised your Uncle didn't wake up!

12/5/2012 09:44:00 am

I think your journal was very funny and I enjoyed reading it. It was well written and I enjoyed learning about some of your experiences.


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