When someone says who is a hero, you might think of bat man, spider man, or super man. Well I think of the name Craig Keiburger. In my opinion you don't have to be strong physically just mentally, your appearance doesn't matter just your actions and what you do to make a change in this world. You have to be brave, strong minded, and willing to take risks. To be a hero you have to be a good role model. That doesn't mean that you can't make mistakes because then you couldn't learn. You have to set a goal and strive for it. Craig is a hero because he fits into all the above categories. You don't have to start out popular or famous to become a hero. Craig was just 12 years old when he read the paper, one day he came across a story about a boy named Iqbal and how he was killed for taking a stand to child labour. He found something he was passionate about and decided to give everything he had to make a change in the world. Marc and Craig are the founders and creators of Free The Children. Craig started out small and he worked so hard to make his dreams come true. Look what came out of one person decicding to be the voice of all those kids that are laboured and all those people in poverty. What you should have gotten from that story is that we can do anything, be anything, acheive anything. But just remember "If you want to go fast fo alone if you want to go far go together." -Holly Branson. You are never to young to be a hero or help others. That is what I think a hero is but everyone thinks something different. Anyone can be a hero all you have to do is believe.
11/5/2012 01:11:16 am

I really enjoyed reading your post Cookie Monster! I think it was very well wrote out. I to think that Craig Keilburger is a hero because of what he has done. I connect to Craig because I saw him at We day when he talked to us. Did you know when Craig saw that article he actually showed his classmates and asked for help? Well only 11 people raised their hands and that wasn't even half the class? Finally I'd like to ask you a question. The question is who else do you think fits into a hero role?


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