Oh how I love Christmas! the excitement in the air and the smell of pine and baking around the house. I know Christmas was 11 days ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. It all started with my brother waking up and yelling "It's Christmas! Santa was here!" I woke instantly and ran down the stairs to see that my stocking was full and there were piles of presents around the tree! Looks like we were on the good list this year! I waited until everyone was gathered around and sitting down before my brother and I started frantically searching to find the hidden pickle. It's a tradition we do every year, who ever finds the pickle first gets to open the first present. My brother found it first so he decided what present he was going to open first. He opened his then I opened mine then my dad then mom. We repeated this pattern until there was wrapping paper scattered all over the floor. I got a lot of stuff that I love: clothes, a bag, chocolate, gift cards, nail polish. I was so happy! it was almost 12 o clock and I was super excited because all my family and cousins were going to be at my house! I hadn't seen thenm in a while so I was really happy. I couldn't wait to see everyone I wanted to get there so badly! When I arrived everyone came and gave me a hug and a Merry Christmas to welcome me. I was thrilled to see everyone and be able to spend Christmas with them! I got many things from them including Tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert on June, 28th, clothes, some sports stuff and lots of other stuff. It was by far the best Christmas yet!

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