I felt outraged and in a way shocked that someone actually said that! Really it shouldn't surprise me because anybody that isn't the same or "normal" as everyone else is weird and an outsider. Society is so judgmental and mean to anyone who is unique and isn't afraid to show it! I know that if August went to our school I hate to say it but it doesn't matter where you are kids would do that. I have a couple people in mind that would probably be that Julian. Its so unfair that people are judging someone without even knowing them. No one said life was fair but seriously society needs to stop being so self centered and scared to be seen with anyone who is "different". I was so mad and I have so much to say I can't even say it all. This has happened before so I know what its like to be one of those bystanders because when I was in that class I was to shy and nervous to speak up. Boy have I changed... People pretend because they are scared, I pretend, you pretend, we all pretend to be something we are not. Sometimes that is what you need to do to protect yourself. I wish that there was a day where no one pretended to be someone else and no one tried to be "cool" and once that day was done no one could make fun of you or mention that day. Maybe if that happened everyone's true colors would show and people would realize how good actors people are. If that happened at Augusts school I'm sure that people would change and realize "Hey this kid isn't so bad." People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and brake you. How strong you stand is what makes you...
Mrs. Kirr (IL, USA)
12/20/2012 03:43:59 am

Ahhh... learning about yourself is something you'll be doing for quite some time. I have learned much about myself in the past two years that I am surprised about. I have learned to be myself, no matter what others think of what I'm wearing or doing or saying. Also, I know to think before I speak, so I am precise about what I'd like to say, and not misunderstood. Good luck finding yourself in this crazy world, and please be a good role model for others, so this word can be less crazy. I know you can do it! Your words lead me to believe this! :-)


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