“You have to believe they were wrong! They have to be wrong...”
In class today we watched the video by Shan
e Koyczan called “To This Day”. It was very inspiring and made everyone really think. Shane delivered a  very powerful message which is, no one is perfect, everyone has made fun of someone at some point and time. He is a first hand example that things get better and that everyone has special talents. He was made fun of because of his weight yet he turned out to be an amazing poet! Bullying is an issue that needs to stop!

Bullying is so wrong! The thought that you or I could make someone feel this way is disgusting. I know that I have said some things I shouldn’t have but I now know that what I said was wrong. Words are like the wind they pass you, and before you can grab them again they are gone… but you will always feel the chill that is left behind.

A part that really stuck with me from the video was, “Every school has an arsenal of names getting updated every year.” I connected to this part because it is true. Every year people get names according to their flaws or things they can’t help.

My favourite part of the video is when Shane says, “If you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer!” I like this part because it is very powerful and makes you think, ‘I am special and I am my own person and have my own “beautiful” qualities.’

Everyone is a part of this issue. We have all said words that have hurt someone. People need to take ownership of their comments and think before they speak. We are always told “Be yourself, be one of a kind!” but its your peers that make fun of you and pick out your differences.  This is when you need to keep your head high because things will get better. Persevere.
Joy Kirr
3/11/2013 11:56:14 am

Yes, yes, and yes. They were WRONG...

I love what you pulled out of this video - you showed where it resonated with you, and it's many of the same points that resonate with others. Get a better mirror, you are special, you are beautiful, a new arsenal of names each year... Each one resonated with me as well. Why is it, we can hear what he says, yet the very next day see someone (or heaven forbid it's US) say something discouraging once again. We have to combat all the ugly words in the world. How do we do this? One way may be to keep seeing good in others and letting them know... How else? What's our next step after watching this powerful video?

Cookie Monster
3/15/2013 02:22:00 am

Thank you for your response and your time.

Mrs. Middleton
3/15/2013 02:35:22 am

You have shared some very insightful comments, Cookie Monster. Thank you for sharing these and for taking the time to reflect on how we can change what is happening with our youth today.

Cookie Monster
3/15/2013 02:40:41 am

I don't know if the issue of bullying will ever be resolved. No matter how much awareness you raise bullying will never go away. Almost the whole world knows what bullying is and what it looks like, but no one does anything about it! As individuals what we can do is watch what we say and make sure it won't hurt someones feelings. Wee don't realize how much impact what we say has on others. Once again thank-you for responding to my post.


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