A couple days ago I woke up and felt a mixture of feelings, because we were going to the grouse grind. It was kind of nerve racking waiting the time it took to get to the grind. I didn't really no what to expect it wasn't my first time but 2 years ago I was very negative and let my thoughts get the best of me. When we got to the mountain I was feeling a bit nervous but excited at the same time. I started to hike up the mountain but with-in the first 50 steps my muscles were so sore. (Here is a tip don't take a really hard dance class before climbing a mountain with almost 3000 stairs!!!) The first quarter was the worst because I was stopping to often so my body felt like stopping for good. I decided to keep going and stop every 30 stairs. My goal time was 1:50 (one hour fifty minutes). Finally I saw the quarter mark and I was so relieved. I tried to be optimistic the whole time by reminding myself that I already came a quarter or half way but sometimes it was hard. I was walking alone until the half way mark where I caught up with someone and we walked the rest of the way up the mountain. I found that walking with someone helps a lot because then you are focused on your conversation and not how tired you are. When I got to the half way sign I was really happy that I was close to being done. For the rest of the way up nothing really cool happened except that when I was at the 3 quarter spot the sun rays were shining through the trees and it looked really pretty. Around the same spot when you looked up you couldn't see anything but fog because we were so high up. When I finally got to the top of the mountain I was so proud and thrilled that I was done and that I beat my goal by 30 seconds! I know that's not much but I'm glad I didn't go over. I said to one of the teachers that my legs felt like rubber bands that are about to break. That was exactly what my muscles felt like! I actually had fun and hope that we go again at the end of the year!

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