Today my class did a team building exercise. What we did was, we had to build a structure out of 20 or less spaghetti noodle, some string, masking tape, and you had to put a marshmallow on top. All in a 18 minute time frame. It was very interesting to see how every ones noodle towers turned out. It ended up that only 2 groups creations were standing by the end. My group was definitely not one of them! I think that overall not many of the teams had very good teamwork because right of the bat everyone  was to rushed to really think the project through. I had tons of of fun doing this activity! What I found interesting was that this activity has been done by kindergartens to  people in business, and it turned out the the kindergartens were most successful. 
Betty Cooper
9/20/2012 01:11:48 pm

I agree, we did have a lot of fun, to bad are structure wasn't that stable...


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