Looking for a Halloween scare? Go to Potters House of Horrors, but you better beware...
Earlier this evening my friends and I went to the Potters Haunted House. Right away I screamed because as my mom was buying the tickets and we were talking  my friends said to turn around. I thought that they were just saying to look at something cool but instead there was this really creepy guy that was looking down at me! He was so close to me I screamed and jumped away what a great start to the night!
As we entered the line there was a bride in a shredded dress with blood and scars all over her face. She came up to us and wouldn't let us pass she kept staring at us until we finally ran FRWAKY!!!! When we got into the line there was this really creepy guy in a top-hat and he was walking though the line and staring people in the eyes he walked past us several times he was so scary. When its finally our time to enter there is nothing and its all black, each room has a different theme (clowns, toys, aliens, butchers, snow room etc.) Some of the scariest rooms were the toys clowns and this one room that the lights went on and off and it was like a maze kind of hard to find your way out... In the alien room there some shots of wind (gun shots) that made us scream so loud because we weren't expecting it at all. In one room there were hanging chopped off heads! We had to duck under them but one of them had long hair and was on my face ew. The last room was an allusion. you were walking on a platform but there were all lights for the walls so it looked like you were spinning and felt like you were going to fall I ended up running because I felt so dizzy!!! If you haven't been to the house of horrors I definitely think that you should try it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


joob joob
10/19/2012 07:36:03 pm

were you scared i have never been to one

Cookie Monster
10/20/2012 02:13:54 am

I was scared, but thats kind of the whole point. If you don't want to be scared then you should go between 6 and 7 o clock because that is family hour so there are no real people inside.


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