I think pets are good for people because they are a friend  People who are lonely enjoy having someone to talk to and be with. When older peoples companions pass away then getting a dog or cat may be a good idea to help keep up their spirits. Even if you just moved out of your parents house a pet could help keep you company. Pets don't just keep you company they also teach responsibility. If you are a kid and you help take care of a pet you will have a better understanding on how to take care of yourself. Pets are many things including lifesavers. If you are blind then a seeing eye pet can give you more independence by guiding through where ever you are going. I know if I was blind I would love being to go places on my own without someone holding my hand. A boy in my class said that he read somewhere that there was a anaconda that wrapped itself around its owners neck  when he had a seizure . That made him not fall onto the ground and hurt himself. I think everyone should have a pet because everyone needs a friend.

11/25/2012 03:21:10 am

I definitely agree pets are amazing I have two dogs they are soooo cute and they are great company. Their abilities to help people are many they help so much and save their lives. They can help you with so many things deaf people, police, firemen. And they are great scavengers and do much more. I have a very big passion for horses but I love all animals equally and I get emotional when I’m around them. My favourite kind of dog is a husky big blue eyes and fluffy soft fur.


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