Today I went to my brothers birthday party. He had a circus party and it was so much fun! There were silks, juggling spinning plates, trampolines, and flower sticks. First I went to the trampolines. We learned how to do bumb-drops, strattle jumps, and a ``dog`` jump. My favourite jump was the strattle jump. You had to try to jump really high and do the middle splits in the air. My favourite part was the silks. We learned how to do 3 things. First we learned how to do a square pose. You had to stand on it then push your leg on the right/left silk then slide your other leg up then you are in the square pose. The next thing was a cocoon we spread out the left silk so that we could lean our backs on it. Then you spread out the other silk and out your feet in it and slide down so you are sitting. It is very comfortable and I wish I had silks at home they are awesome! The last pose is called the back strattle. You wear the silks like your backpack straps and then you flip over backwards. You wrap your legs around the silks with spread out legs. I had so much fun and I hope I can do it again sometime!

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