It's my favorite time of year! I love December and how cold and frosty it is! We are saying good bye to Fall and hello to Winter. I love pulling out your sweatpants big sweaters and jackets also your gloves and hats. Frost layers the grass like a blanket on a chilly day. Hot chocolate in hand as you shiver by the fire. You wait for the fluffy snow to fall on a frozen day. I love December for many reasons including, December. 25th is Christmas! Christmas is the best holiday because you et to see family that you don't see that often and get a tree and decorate it also make gingerbread and cover them with icing and sweets! I love having snow ball fights with friends and making a snow man with my family. I love Winter !

12/16/2012 12:15:39 am

Some great description in your writing this week. Even though winter is not my favorite time of year, you paint such a lovely picture that I feel it could be!


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