If I could have any super power it would be the ability to read people's minds. I would never use it to cheat on tests or any inappropriate manner.  Perhaps I would use it to see what other people are thinking or how they really feel. I would use it to help others and myself.  Life would be easier knowing what people are thinking. People don't always say what they really mean or share their thoughts. The first people I would use my power on is my brothers to understand them more. Also, to learn more of their thoughts and feelings. I would then probably use it on one of my dogs, just for the fun of it. I sometimes wonder what they would say if they could talk. It would be funny to see what they were thinking about. I would try to limit myself to using my power twice a month to make sure I wouldn't get carried away. I wouldn't want to be too nosy. Next month I would use it on a baby to see what goes on in there little heads. Do babies only think about eating and sleeping? I know what I would do if I had a super power. What would you do?

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    I love to learn and using all this technology is teaching me a lot!!!!