Grade 6’s,

Next year will be your last year at Hillcrest. Though you might be excited to finally get out of this place, by the end of the year you are going to wish the last day of school never comes. It’s your last year so make it the best it can be. Try to focus on doing well in school. If teachers aren’t always hounding you for homework your life will be much more enjoyable. Don’t take advantage of you freedom and choice use it to do the best you can, and learn. Just because you are older doesn’t make you better than any of the grade 6’s. Being in grade 7 is a lot of fun if you do your work and stay out of trouble. Just try to have fun and do your work. “Confidence is key, if you don’t believe in yourself then nobody will.” Be confident and stay true to yourself.  

“You have to believe they were wrong! They have to be wrong...”
In class today we watched the video by Shan
e Koyczan called “To This Day”. It was very inspiring and made everyone really think. Shane delivered a  very powerful message which is, no one is perfect, everyone has made fun of someone at some point and time. He is a first hand example that things get better and that everyone has special talents. He was made fun of because of his weight yet he turned out to be an amazing poet! Bullying is an issue that needs to stop!

Bullying is so wrong! The thought that you or I could make someone feel this way is disgusting. I know that I have said some things I shouldn’t have but I now know that what I said was wrong. Words are like the wind they pass you, and before you can grab them again they are gone… but you will always feel the chill that is left behind.

A part that really stuck with me from the video was, “Every school has an arsenal of names getting updated every year.” I connected to this part because it is true. Every year people get names according to their flaws or things they can’t help.

My favourite part of the video is when Shane says, “If you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer!” I like this part because it is very powerful and makes you think, ‘I am special and I am my own person and have my own “beautiful” qualities.’

Everyone is a part of this issue. We have all said words that have hurt someone. People need to take ownership of their comments and think before they speak. We are always told “Be yourself, be one of a kind!” but its your peers that make fun of you and pick out your differences.  This is when you need to keep your head high because things will get better. Persevere.
Oh how I love Christmas! the excitement in the air and the smell of pine and baking around the house. I know Christmas was 11 days ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. It all started with my brother waking up and yelling "It's Christmas! Santa was here!" I woke instantly and ran down the stairs to see that my stocking was full and there were piles of presents around the tree! Looks like we were on the good list this year! I waited until everyone was gathered around and sitting down before my brother and I started frantically searching to find the hidden pickle. It's a tradition we do every year, who ever finds the pickle first gets to open the first present. My brother found it first so he decided what present he was going to open first. He opened his then I opened mine then my dad then mom. We repeated this pattern until there was wrapping paper scattered all over the floor. I got a lot of stuff that I love: clothes, a bag, chocolate, gift cards, nail polish. I was so happy! it was almost 12 o clock and I was super excited because all my family and cousins were going to be at my house! I hadn't seen thenm in a while so I was really happy. I couldn't wait to see everyone I wanted to get there so badly! When I arrived everyone came and gave me a hug and a Merry Christmas to welcome me. I was thrilled to see everyone and be able to spend Christmas with them! I got many things from them including Tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert on June, 28th, clothes, some sports stuff and lots of other stuff. It was by far the best Christmas yet!

I felt outraged and in a way shocked that someone actually said that! Really it shouldn't surprise me because anybody that isn't the same or "normal" as everyone else is weird and an outsider. Society is so judgmental and mean to anyone who is unique and isn't afraid to show it! I know that if August went to our school I hate to say it but it doesn't matter where you are kids would do that. I have a couple people in mind that would probably be that Julian. Its so unfair that people are judging someone without even knowing them. No one said life was fair but seriously society needs to stop being so self centered and scared to be seen with anyone who is "different". I was so mad and I have so much to say I can't even say it all. This has happened before so I know what its like to be one of those bystanders because when I was in that class I was to shy and nervous to speak up. Boy have I changed... People pretend because they are scared, I pretend, you pretend, we all pretend to be something we are not. Sometimes that is what you need to do to protect yourself. I wish that there was a day where no one pretended to be someone else and no one tried to be "cool" and once that day was done no one could make fun of you or mention that day. Maybe if that happened everyone's true colors would show and people would realize how good actors people are. If that happened at Augusts school I'm sure that people would change and realize "Hey this kid isn't so bad." People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and brake you. How strong you stand is what makes you...
It's my favorite time of year! I love December and how cold and frosty it is! We are saying good bye to Fall and hello to Winter. I love pulling out your sweatpants big sweaters and jackets also your gloves and hats. Frost layers the grass like a blanket on a chilly day. Hot chocolate in hand as you shiver by the fire. You wait for the fluffy snow to fall on a frozen day. I love December for many reasons including, December. 25th is Christmas! Christmas is the best holiday because you et to see family that you don't see that often and get a tree and decorate it also make gingerbread and cover them with icing and sweets! I love having snow ball fights with friends and making a snow man with my family. I love Winter !

Well we do many weird things and I wish I could say them all but I can't write that much. One time we were REALLY thirsty and didn't want to walk over to the dollar store, so instead we went into Zellers. I looked for a vending machine but I couldn't find one, so we had to buy a 2 litre sprite. When we took it to the cashier she looked at us like we were crazy! All we did was stand there and smile. As soon as we left the store we started to drink the sprite as everyone looked at us and smiled. 

Another time we were hungry and I wanted a candy cane... Since it was December Santa was in town! We waited in line and when it was our turn the "elves" called next and we entered the north pole. The elves stared at us to say "aren't you a little old to see Santa?" I wanted to say, big kids want to see santa too. He asked us what we wanted for Christmas, my friend said 10 Ipod cases. I told him a life time supply of candy canes! Santa then nodded and said the usual "I'll see what I can do..." Those are some of the many strange things that my friend and I do when we go to the mall!


The question everyone is asking is, "What is going to happen on Dec 21, 2012?"  Well, I'm not sure what I think about this rumour. There are 2 sides to this story. People say that the world will come to an end due to natural disasters and pollution. Other people say, "No way, that's impossible!" I keep thinking, "People say the world is going to end but scientists can barely predict the weather!"

Everyone thought the world was going to end in 2000, but it didn't. Now all of a sudden, people think the world will explode in a month. Logic says that it is unlikely, but part of me somehow believes in the idea...

I wonder how this rumour started? Was it just some joke that people thought would be funny, or was it a scientist that started this confusion?  There are many things that I have questions about but I have come to the conclusion that I don't believe the theories about 2012.

I think pets are good for people because they are a friend  People who are lonely enjoy having someone to talk to and be with. When older peoples companions pass away then getting a dog or cat may be a good idea to help keep up their spirits. Even if you just moved out of your parents house a pet could help keep you company. Pets don't just keep you company they also teach responsibility. If you are a kid and you help take care of a pet you will have a better understanding on how to take care of yourself. Pets are many things including lifesavers. If you are blind then a seeing eye pet can give you more independence by guiding through where ever you are going. I know if I was blind I would love being to go places on my own without someone holding my hand. A boy in my class said that he read somewhere that there was a anaconda that wrapped itself around its owners neck  when he had a seizure . That made him not fall onto the ground and hurt himself. I think everyone should have a pet because everyone needs a friend.

This video really opened my eyes to animals lives, and what we have done to them. First off when the video was talking about Rapunzel I didn't think her story was that bad, until I realized that she had no "social skills" or any idea how to treat a silver back. She was showing aggressive behavior to the dominant male and he went into attack mode. Rapunzel then and there could have died and she was lucky she didn't. Imagine possibly dying because of something out of your control. If she was born and raised in the wild then she would have known how to respect and treat a silver back or any elder. Rapunzel had a bad story but Ivan's was even worse! In the book his life sounded bad but in the video the shocking reality was even more depressing! His life was sugar coated in the book, it said he was living in the mall with other animals and a glass cage with one concrete wall. When we saw his real cage there was nobody but people and himself, he was all alone in his concrete cage. I would call it a domain but that would require it being a home. This was his prison. In his eyes you could see how depressed and alone he felt and I would to. Head drooped down, slouching while staring into space waiting for something, anything to happen other than people pointing and staring at him... "Look mom see the monkey he's looking at me!". How would it feel to be Ivan? Living all alone people trying to make you smile, really do anything other than stare into space. You could see the emptiness in his eyes as he stared into your soul. My empathy was beyond compare I felt so bad for him. What did he ever do to deserve such a life? The good thing is he ended up in a zoo before he died. I think that gorillas need to be in special zoos. What I mean by that is they need almost exact models of the wild, be raised by a gorilla and grow up around their own kind. They need zoo keepers like the guy they showed at the end playing with 20 or so gorillas. People who enjoy spending time with them. The video changed my thoughts on zoos and on my perspective of animals. I hope that no animal has to live like Ivan.

When someone says who is a hero, you might think of bat man, spider man, or super man. Well I think of the name Craig Keiburger. In my opinion you don't have to be strong physically just mentally, your appearance doesn't matter just your actions and what you do to make a change in this world. You have to be brave, strong minded, and willing to take risks. To be a hero you have to be a good role model. That doesn't mean that you can't make mistakes because then you couldn't learn. You have to set a goal and strive for it. Craig is a hero because he fits into all the above categories. You don't have to start out popular or famous to become a hero. Craig was just 12 years old when he read the paper, one day he came across a story about a boy named Iqbal and how he was killed for taking a stand to child labour. He found something he was passionate about and decided to give everything he had to make a change in the world. Marc and Craig are the founders and creators of Free The Children. Craig started out small and he worked so hard to make his dreams come true. Look what came out of one person decicding to be the voice of all those kids that are laboured and all those people in poverty. What you should have gotten from that story is that we can do anything, be anything, acheive anything. But just remember "If you want to go fast fo alone if you want to go far go together." -Holly Branson. You are never to young to be a hero or help others. That is what I think a hero is but everyone thinks something different. Anyone can be a hero all you have to do is believe.


    I love to learn and using all this technology is teaching me a lot!!!!