I wake up and look outside of my foggy window to see that the leaves on my tree are no longer green but radiant red. It must be fall!

Fall is watching the leaves float down, down, down, until they reach the ground like a feather falling from a bird. The trees turn bare but I never care. Stomping on the crisp dried leaves always makes me smile. The biting bitter winds and the pitter patter of rain on my roof all add to the effect of fall.

Fall is trick or treating every October 31st, dressing up in spooky, ridiculous costumes. Every year I remember buying halloween candy, but eating it all, so we have to go and buy more. We always carve Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween. Scooping out the slimy insides, picking out every gooey seed to roast later, is one thing I will always remember.

Fall is wearing soft comfy clothes, like sweat pants and knitted sweaters. I always look forward to the warmth of my fuzzy socks as they remind me of the hot summer weather.
One of my favourite things about the season are the chilly wet weekends when you can’t go outside so instead you watch movies and  play board games all day. The days when you don’t even bother to get dressed or do your hair, because you don’t plan on even leaving the house. Fall is snuggling in a blanket while drinking a steaming cup of hot cocoa and feeling every sip you take trickle through your body.

I think that Fall should be the New Year rather than January 1 as it’s the time of new things such as new hopes, new school year, new goals. Fall is many things but most of all it’s a new beginning.

Learning Intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea. 

What I learned: I Learned how to create a clearer picture of what I'm talking about using descriptive language. Using interesting words makes you writing way more enjoyable!

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