L.I. I can use strategies after reading to extend meaning by determining the importance of the ideas and synthesizing (putting) information. 

What I Learned: I learned how to find deeper meaning and understand the importance of the characters or objects. One of the characters was the wolf, 


Learning Intention: I can create poems using poetic devices and following specific forms.

1.What did you learn over the past 6 weeks?

I can create poems using poetic devices and following specific forms.

I learned everything! The only thing I knew about poetry was how to rhyme. I thought that there was only one kind of poem and it always had to rhyme, I now know that there are poetic devices and different types of poetry.

2. What did you learn about yourself and your abilities as a poet?
I LOVED the poetry unit, and I learned that I'm not all that bad at writing it. Writing poetry was a bit harder than I thought it would be because, I'm so used to writing full sentences and in proper format that it took me some time to get used to the ways of poetry.

3. Where did you grow the most as a learner?
I learned a lot and I know that if you told me to write a Character poem a few months ago I would look at you like " What are you talking about?" I learned how to write different poems and how to incorporate them into my writing.

4. What are you most proud of with regards to this unit? Explain why.
I am very proud of how far I have come and what I can write with poetry. I really enjoyed the poetry unit because poetry gives you more freedom with your writing. I am very proud of my final project and the poetry contains. I think everyone found their inner poet and created amazing master pieces.

5.Where do you feel that you still need to grow? Explain.
I think that I need to improve on using more descriptive language or trying to add more poetic devices to my writing. Also I need to try to use less common devices (alliteration, onomatopoeia). I need to work on my rhyming as well.  used some rhyming in my concrete poem that was pretty good but in my other poems I could have tried harder to make my writing more advanced.
Learning Intention: I can create poems using poetic devices and following specific forms.

What I enjoyed: I liked that we could have the freedom to make something about what ever we want and to have been able to create something that never existed before.

Poetic Devices

LI - I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: I learned that there are a lot of poetic devices in music and how often they are found. 
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Learning Intention: I can use the poetic device of alliteration to develop meaning in my writing.

What I Learned: I learned how to use alliteration to tell a small story in a creative way.
I wake up and look outside of my foggy window to see that the leaves on my tree are no longer green but radiant red. It must be fall!

Fall is watching the leaves float down, down, down, until they reach the ground like a feather falling from a bird. The trees turn bare but I never care. Stomping on the crisp dried leaves always makes me smile. The biting bitter winds and the pitter patter of rain on my roof all add to the effect of fall.

Fall is trick or treating every October 31st, dressing up in spooky, ridiculous costumes. Every year I remember buying halloween candy, but eating it all, so we have to go and buy more. We always carve Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween. Scooping out the slimy insides, picking out every gooey seed to roast later, is one thing I will always remember.

Fall is wearing soft comfy clothes, like sweat pants and knitted sweaters. I always look forward to the warmth of my fuzzy socks as they remind me of the hot summer weather.
One of my favourite things about the season are the chilly wet weekends when you can’t go outside so instead you watch movies and  play board games all day. The days when you don’t even bother to get dressed or do your hair, because you don’t plan on even leaving the house. Fall is snuggling in a blanket while drinking a steaming cup of hot cocoa and feeling every sip you take trickle through your body.

I think that Fall should be the New Year rather than January 1 as it’s the time of new things such as new hopes, new school year, new goals. Fall is many things but most of all it’s a new beginning.

Learning Intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea. 

What I learned: I Learned how to create a clearer picture of what I'm talking about using descriptive language. Using interesting words makes you writing way more enjoyable!
 I drew the pictures spelling out the word home and Ivan chest beating. An image that really stuck out for me was when Ivan said "Humans love their words." Everyone is becoming way better at visualizing.

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L.I. I can create a poem that follows a specific form and uses descriptive language to describe who I am.

What I learned: I learned that I really enjoy writing poems and that using descriptive language makes your writing more interesting.